On-line ordering with Sussex Tools is 100% secure. The order information including your personal details and credit card number are encrypted before being sent over the Internet to a secure server where it is encrypted again and is further protected from prying eyes behind a firewall.

Secure HostingWe utilise the services of a professional secure server hosting company - Secure Hosting ( to carry out all secure transactions.


This is what Secure Hosting has to say about the security that we are using;

What makes it secure?
Our servers use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This is an industry-standard protocol to transfer information via the Internet securely. When SSL encryption is being used you will see the padlock symbol in your browser and the URL will begin HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Our servers are running with the maximum level of SSL encryption that is commercially available, ie. 128 bit.

There are a number of web hosting companies that offer "secure" SSL server space as add-ons to their web hosting packages. BEWARE! More often than not these only send out the submitted order details including credit card number by email, which totally defeats the point of having a secure form. This will be in breach of your merchant agreement with your bank, and could result in your merchant account being withdrawn.

Furthermore, SSL is only part of the story. SSL is only useful in encrypting the data whilst being transfered from browser to server. Your customer data also needs to be encrypted using different technology once on the server, and this is where most "secure" sites are vulnerable. We use secondary encryption for data stored on our servers, as well as dedicated firewalls to ensure that your data remains safe. So what might seem like a cheap SSL solution using your existing host is in fact likely to be a very insecure method of managing your customer data.

Digital Certificate
Our current digital certificate is provided by Comodo

Digital certification is provided by Comodo