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Fine Hone And Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener

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EZE-LAP has been the pioneer in the production of Diamond Sharpeners since the 1970's. EZE-LAP has a patented heat treatment process that bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy, to a metal substrate. This process creates a surface that measures around 72 on the Rockwell hardness scale; and results in a Diamond sharpener that will work on high tech blade steels, as well as tool steel, and most ceramic, carbide, and hardened materials.

EZE-LAP Fine Grit is a 600 grit diamond sharpener that can handle 98 percent of sharpening needs. The fine grit has sufficient abrasive ability to hone a dull knife: putting a fast razor sharp finish on the edge.

EZE-LAP Hone and Stone Diamond Sharpeners are handy little sharpeners for those hard to get places-saw blades, router bits etc. Great for throwing in a backpack for your hunting or fishing trip. These little diamond sharpeners have a " wide by 2" long sharpening pad on a 6" plastic handle; the handle is color coded to designate grit, and includes hanging hole. The model illustrated is the Fine 600 grit with red handle.